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Fictional busy airport on Fictional island of Jewel, located between Hawaii and Alaska in the northern part of the island

Delta International History

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All from just Domestic and American Flights to a enormous International Oceanian Fictional Airport


Created in 2011 Delta only operated Domestic and American flights. Delta, Continental, United, American,and Us Airways were the 5 original airlines of the airport. Later the city decided to add many international airlines and expand the airport with 5 terminals and 4 runways. So then the year passed and many great airlines in the spring were added like LAN, Taca, Copa, Air france, Air china, Lufthansa, KLM, Air Canada.In the fall of 2011 all the wonderful airlines from in to 5 terminals. Terminal A was for Skyteam and it's future members, Terminal B was for OneWorld and it's Future members, Terminal C was for the New mergered United, Terminal D for non alliance airlines, and Terminal E was for star alliance and it's future members. Today, Delta still operates all 5 terminals except for D. Terminal D has now becomed Concourse D connected by a skywalk from Terminal C due to 2012 Summer renovation projects and a few carriers were leaving Delta from D so D became a concourse and Delta needed some more space for Moving Aircraft. Also, Delta is the Well fake Busiest Hub between Los Angeles and Sydney. It is the Busiest Oceanian Airport and Delta is not a Hub for any airline but it is a focus city for Delta and United. Delta Int'n Airport currently operates all SkyTeam members, More than half of Star Alliance members,8 OneWorld members, almost 20 non alliance, 8 future Skyteam and Star Alliance airlines, and about 50 to 75 cargo airlines making the busiest cargo airport in Oceania. Delta Currently Operates 4 terminals. Terminal D closed and turned into the new South leg of the Terminal E know commonly as E-South.Terminal A has 2 legs A-north for Delta and Delta Connection and A-South for SkyTeam.Terminal B is divided in B-north for check-in,security,and B-south for OneWorld gates.Terminal C is know as C-north for united mainline Int'l and C-south for United Express.terminal E is used as E-North for star Allliance expect United and E-South for Non-alliance Airlines.Today, Delta is an Airport City and has One Large Terminal Shown in the picture Above.Skyteam is the Upper Left corner, Star Alliance is on the Upper Right corner, Oneworld is on the Lowwer Right corner, and Non-Alliance in the Lowwer Left Corner. The Airport city has the Airport,People Mover System, Medical Istitution,Shops,Hotels,A Gym, Restaurants, Studying Place, and Airline Ticketing Offices. The Picture Below Respresents A new Model for the Airport that was Underconseration before the Airport City Idea in August 2012. Notes 1.This is a fake airport and this wiki is just for Fun

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